Welcome to Bob Trevorrow Ceramics

Modern, handcrafted ceramics and lighting.

My work is hand thrown on the pottery wheel using high fired stoneware and porcelain clay. My intention is to create attractive, comfortable and highly functional pottery with a modern aesthetic. I focus on the individual piece in my work and produce mostly small batches and many unique pieces. Wholesale inquiries and special orders welcome, Discount available for Design Professionals. 

In stock items will ship with UPS and should arrive in about ten days after placing your order.


My materials:

I work with a spectrum of clays including a several stoneware clays and fine domestic porcelain.  All of these clay bodies have there own unique characteristics and the look and feel of the finished piece of pottery is greatly influenced by the clay as well as the glazes used.  I am happy to answer any questions about these options and can guide you on your choice of clays and glazes.


My Process

I form the shapes of my vessels on the pottery wheel.  With this method, each pot is made one at a time, with my hands and so each and every pot is unique and will show the subtle marks of its making.  The pots are dipped in a glaze, sometimes several in layers and then fired to almost 2400 degrees in an electric kiln.

Lamps are made with one of my unique ceramic vessels and a combination of hand crafted and commercially available electrical components. Shade, globe and Edison bulb designs available as well as lamp pairs and other options, contact me for more information.



Bio for Bob Trevorrow


Bob Trevorrow is a studio potter living in Austin, Texas. Early in life, Bob developed a passion for making things and clay was his favorite medium. Bob received a partial scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute where he studied fine art sculpture for one year. After the institute, he worked in welding, mechanics and carpentry. Bob took a pottery wheel throwing class in September 2014 at the Dougherty Arts Center and fell in love with the functional pottery medium. While at the Dougherty, he met studio potter Ryan McKerley and was invited to share his studio space. Later that year, he participated in the East Austin Studio Tour and was featured in an article on studio potters in Wallpaper Magazine. With his ceramics, Bob strives to combine a clean modern aesthetic with great functionality. Bob dedicated himself to ceramics full time in January 2016 and is currently working to perfect his most popular styles and experimenting with new clays and glazes. Bob has been showing and selling his work and occasionally performing demonstrations at local art festivals for the last 5 years. His recent shows include The Blue Genie Art Bazaar, the Texas Clay Festival, Fiesta Arts Festival (winner 2018 craftsmanship award) and the West Austin Studio tour.




Artists Statement.


My focus is functional pottery with a modern aesthetic. I an interested in how functional pottery bridges art and craft and can be both humble and beautiful. I strive to create work that is comfortable to hold, enjoyable to use and visually attractive.

I choose to work with high fired porcelain and stoneware for their durability, beauty and elemental qualities. All work is wheel thrown and currently electric fired, I use glaze layering and surface textures to create depth and visual interest.